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The before pic: me at 132kgs plus (290lbs) at Round the Bays, March 2012

The before pic: me at 132kgs plus (290lbs) at Round the Bays, March 2012

Not after, but 'during' - before the birthday run, 20 Sept. About 20kgs lost

Not after, but 'during' - before the birthday run, 20 Sept. About 20kgs lost

A side benefit of all the walking and running - getting out and about and seeing cool things around the city, early in the morning and at night…

A side benefit of all the walking and running - getting out and about and seeing cool things around the city, early in the morning and at night…

My first event: 14km run at Race 4 of the Unitec series, 9 September 2012

My first event: 14km run at Race 4 of the Unitec series, 9 September 2012

Page Creator: Craig Sisterson
Event: adidas Auckland Marathon 2012
Event Date: 28/10/2012

Each day 16 New Zealanders die as a result of coronary heart disease. That's one person every 90 minutes. And many of these deaths are premature and preventable.

Cardiovascular disease is the single leading cause of death in New Zealand, causing 40 percent of all deaths - making it more deadly than all forms of cancer.

New research shows that young adults in their 20s and 30s are being admitted to hospital for heart attacks more than ever before, and that this age group is dying at a faster rate than people of the same age in previous generations. Much of this change is due to unhealthy lifestyles - poor eating habits, lack of physical activity and being a smoker.

Those of you who've known me the past few years will know I've succumbed to some of those very same bad habits myself. I'm lucky enough that I've taken steps (with many, many more still to be taken, literally) to fight back before it's too late.

The good news is that many risk factors for heart disease are preventable, if people make healthy lifestyle choices. Which is exactly what I'm doing in 2012, by setting myself the biggest physical challenge I've ever undertaken: running a marathon.

I've got 40kgs to lose (90lbs for my buddies in the USA), and many, many kms/miles to run between now and October, but I'm willing and determined to put in all those hard yards.

So, help me as I join the race to beat heart disease.

I've signed up as a Heart Racer to raise money to support the Heart Foundation. By donating through my webpage you will be helping the Heart Foundation continue its vital work in research, cardiac rehabilitation, education programmes and resources.

I'll do all the hard work (train for and complete the event), but I really need you to make a difference to the hearts of New Zealanders.

So, please could you sponsor me?

Right from the start, I decided to aim high - originally $50 for each km I run on the day, totalling $2,109.75.

That seemed like a lot, but I knew there were many people who would support me, and bit by bit, we'd all get there. Just like I would with my training. And sure enough, with around a month to go we were already at the $2,000 mark - with many other people having pledged to donate/support too. So - like anything - you re-evaluate your goals and try to push on even higher.

So now we've raised the bar, A LOT ($100 per km). Impossible? Maybe. But life surprises you sometimes, and I know so many amazing people. So let's see how high we can push this thing…

Select the "Make a donation" button below. It's simple, fast and totally secure and the money goes directly to the Heart Foundation's bank account.

If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

So please help me today! And pass it on to your family and friends!

Many thanks for your support

My Online Sponsors To Date:
Date Name Amount Comment
7/11/2012 Bobby Coffey $50.00 Keep it up, Friend… support all the way!
3/11/2012 John Collins $30.00 Awesome Job Craig! Roadhouse!
2/11/2012 Rosa Carter $25.00 Good work Craig - fantastic effort. See you at Motatapu!
29/10/2012 Bill Selnes $25.00 Well done Craig
28/10/2012 Leah $50.00 Well done, Craig! Congrats on your dedication to your training and goal and to do it with such purpose! Proud to support you!
28/10/2012 Scott Mackie $50.00 Good work Craig - enjoyed the article and I'm sure some people have been inspired by your efforts. Certainly this $4K+ will help people with heart problems!
28/10/2012 Cam and Janelle $50.00 Good Luck Buddy. We are so proud of you!
28/10/2012 Talia Cockerill $30.00 SO proud to call you my cousin!
You've done so well =) !! xx
27/10/2012 Olivia Neubauer $20.00 Inspirational Craig. Run well and happy.
27/10/2012 Rebecca Gatenby $25.00 Good luck Craig, really proud of you!!
27/10/2012 Andy Smith $20.00 Good work bro!
27/10/2012 H $100.00
27/10/2012 Brendon and Kelly $50.00 Go Craig, Go! All then best and enjoy the race. The hard part (training) is over :)
27/10/2012 scott bainbridge $30.00 Go hard my man!
27/10/2012 Kerryn Main $25.00
27/10/2012 Vincent Vega $25.00 Top job Bruv!
27/10/2012 Claires Yandi Crew W.A $150.00 You've got the support of my chefs,kitchenhands & managers bro!

Smash it!
27/10/2012 Keith England $10.00
27/10/2012 katie $25.00 Go Craig! Tomorrow will be an awesome day.
27/10/2012 Tess Tickles $20.00 If you think of a special person in your life for each 1km then you will quickly fill 42km!!! Go hard Nerd!!!
27/10/2012 Mike $25.00
27/10/2012 adam $100.00 Best of luck craig!
27/10/2012 Keren $20.00 Good luck champ! x
27/10/2012 Vanda Symon $50.00 Good on ya, Craig! You're awesome.
27/10/2012 Lee A $26.20 Mate great effort well done, $1 for each mile :-)
27/10/2012 Demelza $50.00 Good to great my friend, all the best for tomorrow.
27/10/2012 Shaneo $25.00 Good Luck Mate im sure you will do yourself proud, fight through the fatigue and make it happen. best wishes S&S Barnes
27/10/2012 laurence craig mcguinness $10.00
27/10/2012 Greg Lanyon $25.00 Keep up the good work Craig!
26/10/2012 O Morgan $25.00
26/10/2012 Daniel James $5.00
26/10/2012 Steve a'Court $25.00 Awesome stuff Craig!
26/10/2012 Grant Kitto $20.00 Go hard Craig…. I'm feeling your pain.
26/10/2012 Linda $25.00 Well done on your efforts so far
25/10/2012 Iain Thomson $20.00 ALL THE WAY BIG FELLA!
25/10/2012 nic $21.00 Here's a buck for each km more than me you're running!
25/10/2012 "Kiwi Matt" Lloyd $30.00
25/10/2012 Mereana $50.00 So proud of your Craig, amazing what you are doing
25/10/2012 Ruthie $20.00
25/10/2012 Martyn Lewis UK $10.00
25/10/2012 Big Al $25.00 This is to sponser Craig Sisterson in the
adidas Auckland Marathon 2012
25/10/2012 Stephen Maule $25.00 Good luck mate!
24/10/2012 Durham Chambers $150.00 We are behind you and the charity 100% Craig :-)
24/10/2012 Brad Whittaker $57.80 Good work mate!!
24/10/2012 Josie Brennan $15.00 Run strong and have fun!
24/10/2012 Nathan Smith $25.00 Go hard Newt you can do it!!! Make it happen
24/10/2012 Morrin Rout $25.00
24/10/2012 D Greeney $5.00
23/10/2012 Grant McEwan $25.00 Congrats Craig, i think what you are doing is awesome! Keep it up mate, eye on the prize!
23/10/2012 Kate $25.00 I hope these last donations will mean you're running those km's extra at the end of the Marathon? Jokes… on the day, just remember it's a head game. You've done the hard work, your body will go as long as you want. You just have to convince your brain.
23/10/2012 alenna $50.00 Spectacular effort Craig!
23/10/2012 gwaugh $20.00
23/10/2012 Ck $85.00 If anyones going to make a difference mate. I'm sure it will be you. Awesome work on the Training bro, And putting in the effort for a great cause. Ill get you that after Marathon Beer in March April when I'm back in NZ.. Enjoy the Run bud!
21/10/2012 Oliver B $10.00 enjoy it!
be mentally strong. your mind will lie to you, but you can keep going!
19/10/2012 Tatiana $25.00 x
18/10/2012 Claudine & Clive $20.00 Excellent work Craig! We look forward to seeing your photos crossing the finish line.
18/10/2012 Wendy & David $25.00 Great Job Craig we are all very proud of you!
18/10/2012 Chelsea $45.00 Best of luck to you!!!
18/10/2012 Euan & Louisa $50.00 Good stuff Craig. No doubt you'll be writing an article on your journey?
17/10/2012 Neal Walters & Stephanie Dean $100.00 Very proud of you, mate. You'll smash it.
17/10/2012 Lisa Bailey $30.00 Very inspiring to see you achieving your goal(s) and supporting others in your efforts. Keep up the good work.
17/10/2012 CS $100.00 Own your life!
17/10/2012 Will Paradis $25.00 Craig! I'm so proud of you for the commitment you've made, the things you will achieve, and the people you will help. Blessings and may the road rise to meet you on your run!
16/10/2012 Andrew $50.00 Craig

Very proud of you mate, inspiring to see your journey. Make sure you continue with your efforts after you have finished, this should be a lifestyle for you now, not just a one off event. Enjoy the day and the journey. Remember the key to eating an elephant is one spoonful at a time
14/10/2012 Anna Tuffery $40.00 Nice work Craig!
12/10/2012 Anne Stevenson $100.00 Great job on the training Craig! Great cause, have an awesome race!
11/10/2012 Hamish D $10.00
10/10/2012 Flick $10.00
9/10/2012 Rosemary $20.00 Fantastic work Craig!
9/10/2012 Paul and Rach $50.00
9/10/2012 Ra $25.00 You're doing a great job mate. Your progress is inspiring.
3/10/2012 Neighbours $40.00 Run Craig run. A really great effort. Good luck
20/9/2012 Sue G $50.00 In memory of dad.
17/9/2012 Claire Sisterson $150.00 Keep on chargin' it bro!

2/8/2012 dalerocks $50.00 Go for it Craig. A great thing you're doing mate!
10/7/2012 Boo $50.00 Good luck! You're doing a great thing! Rooting for you from Cali!
6/7/2012 Kelly $20.00 Run Craig run!
14/6/2012 Lou Carter $20.00
14/6/2012 GPT $30.00 Good work
30/5/2012 Robert Sisterson $25.00 Go for it, Craig!
28/5/2012 Graham Beattie $25.00
28/5/2012 Bev Robitai $25.00 Your heart is in the right place Craig - and now it'll be a healthy one too!
22/5/2012 Kyle Galloway $320.00
18/5/2012 Shane Cockerill $50.00
10/5/2012 Michelle Bakhos $50.00
9/5/2012 Gareth $20.00 good stuff mate!
9/5/2012 Pete and Linda $100.00 Go for it, Son. Really prouud of your achievements so far……Keep it up!!!
4/5/2012 David Batterbury $20.00 Don't die or I will feel bad about encouraging you.
30/4/2012 Sean Devereaux $20.00
29/4/2012 Wade Jackson $100.00 Nice one Mr Sisterson! A year ago yesterday I ran the Rotorua Marathon. It's so sweet knowing once it's done - never again! :-)
27/4/2012 Mr Shekles $250.00 We double our money, right, if you don't finish?
26/4/2012 nicola mccord $10.00 Good on ya Craig! Good luck.
24/4/2012 Andrew Carleton $10.00
24/4/2012 Margot Kinberg $50.00 Go get 'em, Craig! You can do it!
23/4/2012 Katherine $100.00 For kms 41 and 42…fantastic challenge Craig, good luck!
23/4/2012 Simon Cochrane $42.20 $1 per km, and kg!
23/4/2012 Tony $25.00 Run Forest Run! Good stuff Craig the journey will have its own reward!
19/4/2012 DG $100.00 Good luck fella!!!
19/4/2012 Rachel Travers $50.00 Big respect for what you're doing Craig
19/4/2012 Zac Hall $50.00 Run Fatboy Run
16/4/2012 Yvonne Walus $50.00
16/4/2012 Angela Jacobsen $50.00 You can do it Craig, good luck with the training. I'll come and cheer you along at the finish line.
16/4/2012 Miles Davis $20.00 Run like the wind!
16/4/2012 Karen McMillan $25.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$4,657.20
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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My fundraising progress so far:

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My Goal: NZD$4,220.00
I've Raised: NZD$4,657.20
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