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Team Elliot



Team Name: Team Elliot
Event: adidas Auckland Marathon 2012
Event Date: 28/10/2012

Elliot was 17 years old when his heart stopped while he was laughing with some friends. Despite all the best efforts of his friends and the ambulance staff, he could not be revived.

How is it that a super fit and seemingly healthy young man's heart, could just stop? He had run the half marathon in 2010 with one training run before. He fully intended to run the marathon in 2011, with maybe a bit of extra training. Just to beat his dad.

Sudden cardiac death in young people is a very rare but real phenomenon. Ell was a funny and warm, caring person. He would have wanted people to know that heart issues strike all ages and walks of life. As family and friends of Elliot, help us to raise some money for the NZ Heart Foundation.

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Many thanks for your support

Team Members:
Name Amount Raised Donate to an Individual
sue poupouare $500.00 ($500.00 Online) Make a Donation
ROBERT POUPOUARE - [Team Captain] $700.00 ($700.00 Online) Make a Donation
Brett Heaven $1,150.00 ($1,150.00 Online) Make a Donation
Total Raised: $2,350.00 ($2,350.00 Online) - This does not include donations to the team

Our Online Sponsors To Date:
Date Name Amount Comment
4/12/2012 Mana Wai Ora $25.00 Better late than never - We all carry your Heart, we carry it in our Heart
3/12/2012 Pete $50.00
3/12/2012 Emily $20.00 Well done, sorry for the late donation!
12/11/2012 Buckley Familiy $35.00 Well done to Jane and Familiy!
6/11/2012 Private GIver $100.00
6/11/2012 Lezyola, Jesse & Eli $100.00 Late donation! Love you Kate and Ray. #teamelliot
5/11/2012 Thirsty Murch $25.00 Go Lisa - you did it!
31/10/2012 kay Wallace $25.00
30/10/2012 Ross W (AKA skud) $50.00 Kia kaha Robbie
30/10/2012 Jen W $25.00
29/10/2012 Stuart $100.00
29/10/2012 Jane $50.00
29/10/2012 sister $50.00 Didn't we do well
29/10/2012 Mum $50.00 Well done daughter
28/10/2012 Glendowie Chris $50.00 Big weekend and a great cause
Well done
27/10/2012 Kieran $40.00
27/10/2012 Ciaran $50.00 Running this for you my bro. hopefully beat your time haha.
From Me :P Lee (mum) and Marc (dad)
27/10/2012 Adam & Ange $25.00 Go team El and go Adam (another one with a heart condition)
27/10/2012 Nga $50.00
27/10/2012 Jerome Tulia $50.00 Go team Elliot! Can't wait to come home and be a part of the team next year :)
27/10/2012 Pete $15.00
27/10/2012 Heidi Wigley $10.00 Go Lisa!!
26/10/2012 Kim and Sophie $100.00 lots of love from Kim and Sophie
26/10/2012 Samantha Holmes & Steph Lineen $10.00
26/10/2012 Jen McAllister $20.00
26/10/2012 Jodie Burnard $25.00
26/10/2012 Melanie Webber $25.00
26/10/2012 tori young $25.00 go for it sue. xx
26/10/2012 Julie & Craig $60.00 You go girl! Proud as punch of your dedication to the cause…..
26/10/2012 Bryony $50.00 Good Luck in the run, and well done for doing it!
26/10/2012 john bryant $25.00 Have a great run for Elly and good on you for helping others. John :)
26/10/2012 Margaret & Kevin Broderick $30.00 Go Lisa - we're proud of you taking this on - glad to donate to such a worthy cause
26/10/2012 Natalie $10.00
26/10/2012 Mainzeal $250.00
25/10/2012 Graeme Broderick $60.00 Go Lisa. Will donate $1000 if you do it under 4 hours……
25/10/2012 Phil Squires $50.00 Run well cuz & the team.
25/10/2012 Karina $10.00 Go Laibs!!
24/10/2012 Trish & Les Brindise $50.00 Go Lisa will be thinking of you and Mike on Sunday
24/10/2012 Luke $25.00
24/10/2012 Leah $50.00
23/10/2012 Leigh $25.00
23/10/2012 Jonathan $25.00
23/10/2012 Deanna $25.00
23/10/2012 Scott $25.00
23/10/2012 Logan $25.00
23/10/2012 Shane $100.00
23/10/2012 Mike McRoberts $50.00 Go well Rob, all the best from the McRoberts family.
23/10/2012 Chopper $25.00
23/10/2012 Fiona Hayden $25.00 Best of luck Lisa! Go you good thang x
22/10/2012 Julianne $60.00 Hey Lisa - so proud of you doing this - will be thinking of you on Sunday and look forward to a celebratory cocktail when you in Welly xxx
22/10/2012 Lisa Broderick $50.00 Bring it on! Proud to be part of the team. Lisa & Mike x
19/10/2012 Robert Cunningham Construction $100.00
19/10/2012 Rob & Pip Walton $10.00 enjoy your run gentlemen - great stuff
19/10/2012 Matt Adams $75.00 Mr Energy is at it again supporting his friends. Good on you Brett.
17/10/2012 Marcus Beveridge $100.00
17/10/2012 Watts and Hughes Construction $400.00 Fantastic Effort Brett. You must be training extremely hard. The team at Wats and Hughes fully support you on this one

17/10/2012 WSP Consulting Engineers $50.00 Great cause Brett. Good luck for the run from all of us here at WSP.
17/10/2012 AJ Bowler $50.00
16/10/2012 Tom $25.00
16/10/2012 Wilkinson Civil Ltd $100.00
10/10/2012 Emile Hughes $50.00
22/9/2012 Russell Priestley $300.00
21/9/2012 Peter & Teina $25.00
21/9/2012 isaiah poupouare $10.00
21/9/2012 isaiah poupouare $4.18 hold up i'll donate more
21/9/2012 Gautusa Fanau $100.00 We love and think of you all often. Go team Elliot!!!
14/9/2012 Lexi Tetenburg and Family $50.00 Donation from me and my family.
Miss you very much!
Love Lexi x
13/9/2012 hobeazyONER $25.00 Miss ya' elliot brah, Still reminiscing bout' the good times we had.
Much love to tha famz!
02.09.11 gone but never forgotten
13/9/2012 Caitlin Ryan $10.00 I love elly he could to the impossible it was so incredible I don't even think he knew anything was wrong - Caitlin
7/9/2012 graham and marilyn $25.00 In celebration of the good physical path that Elliot had started on, something SPECIAL he shared with his Mum and his Dad. Arohanui, Graham and Marilyn Woolford
1/9/2012 barbara joseph $100.00
30/8/2012 Gerry Victor $50.00 All my aroha and tautoko to Team Elliott!!!
29/8/2012 C Paolini $25.00
22/8/2012 ROBERT POUPOUARE $25.00
Total Raised Online: NZD$4,014.18
Total Raised Offline: NZD$0.00
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Our Goal: NZD$5,000.00
We've Raised: NZD$4,014.18
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